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Company Name Soil Love 119 President Lee Byeong Chan
Address (251-7 Habuk-Ri), 85 Seotanro, Jinwi-Myeon, Pyeongtaek-City, Gyeonggi-Do, Republic of Korea Business
Registration No.
Plant Size 1st Plant( # 251-7) Land : 400m2 Building 104 m2 ( # 251-8) ( # 251-9) 2nd Plant Building : 165m2 Total Assets Omitted
  1. 1Jeong-Do Management ( true and right action with honest mind)
  2. 2Innovative Management (Implement change and innovation)
  3. 3Best-Oriented Management(Restless passion and spirit of challenge)
  4. 4Efficient Use of Resources
  5. 5Eco-Friendly Products Design and Production
  6. 6Compliance with Environment Laws and Regulations and Implementation
  7. 7Deployment of Continuous Improvement Activities for Enhancing Quality / Environment Performances

In our opinion, the concrete foundation of New Growth Green industries in the 21st century is to the early settlement of low carbon and eco-friendly system. In light of the reality of
eco-friendly agriculture-livestock production, which is the absolute basis of food for human beings, small-sized pumps are generally used to spray water or chemicals for the purposes
of irrigation, supply of nutrients, insect control, pest control, and vaccine. However, the water or chemicals diluted with the trace of gasoline, dust, oil, and grease might be
sprayed over the eco-friendly agricultural-livestock. Particularly, insect control equipment generates lots of noise, vibration, and exhaust fumes during operation. Therefore,
these undesired problems need to be settled for the growth of eco-friendly agriculture-livestock.

To provide a solution to the needs from the industries, Soil Love 119 has developed a vibration-free, noise-free, and nonpollution MacGyver insect control spray (model name:
SOL-B1004) at the end of five years research and development. It features rechargeable battery-powered spray, which generates nonpolluted air, then compresses it and injects
chemicals over the targets. As complete nonpollution insect control is realized with its breakthrough technology, the foundation to produce eco-friendly products is
established. In addition, to meet the trends that the aging and the feminization of rural workforce have increased, we have developed a new so-called "kill two birds
with one stone" product that combines a nonpollution carrying cart, moving easily by remote control and nonpollution battery-powered spray together during insect control

It is our deepest honor that the new product was awarded Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries' Prize (Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Food No. 63868) in
recognition of the patent application (No. 118420), approval of ISO 14001:2004, venture enterprise designation (No. 2009 205279), small and medium enterprise of venture
enterprise management innovation (No. 090501-00548), PPS registration, NACF system registration, and agriculture mechanization project in 2009.

We do strongly recommend this product as a part of the agricultural equipment rental business of rural Development Administration as well as the loan business for eco-friendly
cultivation agricultural managers of Agricultural Technology Center.